Five Strange Things That Could Hurt Your Credit Score

We all have heard the typical advice on how to get a good credit score: • Pay off your bills on time • Don’t apply for new credit cards frequently • Don’t file for bankruptcy Most of us can understand these, but there are some lesser-known actions that can harm our credit scores. Some of […]

How Can You Build Up Credit Without Using Debt

Credit score are more than just getting extra credit. Today, consumer credit reports are being used by employers and landlords to decide if you’re right person for the job or that apartment or home. This makes having a good credit score more crucial than ever. Unfortunately, you can’t get a good credit score instantly. According […]

What Happens If You Miss Many Credit Card Payments

We live in busy and hectic world with many of us faced with due dates, deadlines, and schedules. It’s understandable that we can forget about our credit card payments, but there can be some very serious consequences, if it happens very often. By the time you realize it may be too late to fix the […]

Things To Do If Your Credit Score Is Very Low For A Mortgage

You probably know that your credit score is very important when you’re applying for a mortgage. You already may have been denied a mortgage because of your poor credit score, or maybe you have pulled your credit report recently, just to find out that you credit score is bad than you’ve already expected. However, you […]

Bizarre Ways That Harm Your Credit Score

We all know that missing a payment will hurt our credit score. Other things that can lower our credit score are bankruptcy, defaults, delayed payment, applying for credit too often and so on. This makes sense. What if I say that an overdue library book or reservation for a rental car could negative impact your […]